Using zonal statistics to form climate envelope

Discussion created by pedro1986 on Dec 8, 2012
Hello there.

I'm not sure which area was the best for this, but I am creating a project to show the change in distribution of an insect species over the coming decades in the amazon rainforest.
I have projected variables for future decades such as rainfall and tree cover % for the Amazon. I have used zonal statistics upon the present day variables to give me the max and min values that my species inhabits/can tolerate.

From here I would like to project onto S. America the areas that my species can inhabit. At the moment I am having to manually input the value range for each variable into the raster calculator using the Con function, saying 'if rainfall is more than 4 but less than 30..etc..etc assign a value of 1, otherwise 0.

Is there a more efficient way of achieving this than having to manually enter values however? As I can imagine it is quite prone to human error and incorrect inputting, which I would like to eliminate.

Many thanks.