Substitution of Data Source for DDP Page Index Name

Discussion created by gnewburyiv on Dec 7, 2012

First off, I understand that the DDP functionality allows you to tweak an existing DDP setup, but you can't create it automagically from scratch. Here's my scenario:

I'm creating mapbooks based on a standard template of MXDs. the template MXDs reference a dummy database in the same folder that they are in. The actual MXDs that I will use to export maps reference the real database with the correct grids.  The real database has the same exact name and schema as the dummy database.

My first step is to create the real database, then I copy over the template MXDs to the new folder. Since the template MXDs have relative links setup, they see the real database and thus there sources are updated to the real data.

Slight problem is that the DDP Page Name field resets to 'None'.  If I open the MXD I can reselect the correct name field.

Any ideas on how to get the DDP to see the correct page name?