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How to "reset" the map's infoWindow size so that it auto-sizes itself?

Question asked by stevel on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2015 by AJT_Terrassa
Click on a feature in the Popup sample, and note that the map's infoWindow automatically displays at the optimal size for its content.

It is possible to override this size using map.infoWindow.resize(500,500) - thereafter, the infoWindow always opens at this size when clicking on new features.

How can I "reset" the size so that the infoWindow automatically resizes to fit its content once more, after I've used map.infoWindow.resize()? In other words, how can I "undo" the resize command without specifying a new size?

Background - I have a multi-layer map and I'm manually resizing the infoWindow to suit a particular layer's infoWindow, but I wish for the infoWindow to return to normal auto-sizing behaviour when clicking on other layers.