Error when adding extra machines to a site

Discussion created by MarcG_NZ on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by hants_gisteam
HI guys,

I need some help with this, it is driving me crazy.

We have our arcgisserver folder in a share hosted on a netapp: \\server\share\arcgisserver

It contains our config-store, directories and logs folders.

We have created a domain arcgis account (domain\arcgis) with full permissions over these folders.

I have two virtual windows 2008 R2 machines with 2 cores and 4Gb of ram each: svrgis01 and svrgis02

Each machine has a fresh install of arcgis server 10.1 SP1.

We are able to create the site using svrgis01 fine, but when I try and add svrgis02 to the site the following happens:

1.  The adding machine dialog appears and sits there for ages, 5-10 minutes
2.  It fails with this error: "Another administrative operation is currently accessing the store.  Please try again later"
3.  Upon looking at the site page in manager on svrgis01, svrgis02 has been added to the site, but not to the default cluster.
4.  svrgis02 is in the list of machines, but is stopped.  It cannot be started.

Can anybody explain what might be causing this error and how it can be resolved?