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Valve Isolation Trace not Selecting Isolating Valves

Question asked by deleted-user-OKUiI8RicOek on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Daphnagl
When I use the Valve Isolation Trace tool, the results of the trace appear correct, and it selects the hydrants, meters, fittings and non-operable valves etc. that will be impacted by the isolation, but it doesn't seem to select or identify the valves that are needed to be turned off in order to isolate the flow.

I can visually determine which valves they are by looking at where the trace highlight ends, but is there a way to actually select them? 

As far as valves go, those are the ones I am interested in and would want selected so I could easily pass that info to field crews, while blow-offs, air releases or other non-operable valves that they won't need to actually shut off are of less importance to me

I am using my own data with the configuration modified to match

10.1 final, with the 6/14/2012 v3 of the tools installed


Jared Nuss
GIS Analyst
James City Service Authority