AGSGPS Auto Pan Modes

Discussion created by aconnolly on Dec 5, 2012
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I'm working with the GPS "facade" over Core Location in the ESRI SDK and I noticed something odd with the AGSGPSAutoPanModeCompassNavigation setting. You can create a simple app with a button that toggles between the different mode states and that is what I've done. I noticed that when transitioning from AGSGPSAutoPanModeCompassNavigation to AGSGPSAutoPanModeOff the map does not re-center on the user's location and worse the map remains rotated in the last direction/direction it was in prior to transitioning. Why does the map not auto-correct it's angle?

I know I can set the map rotationAngle property but it seems to me that the API should recognize this use case.

Finally, when manually setting the map rotationAngle in this case I can get the desired effect but my GPS location is often no longer centered. I'd rather not have to do a bunch of GIS math if possible to move the map to the correct spot when transitioning. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

- Aaron