Map Registration( Geo referencing and Projection) Tool.

Discussion created by pavsanto on Dec 5, 2012
Hi All,
    I have requirement in my project to support GIS as a component in a customized application (not related to ArcMap, Catalog or desktop). Hence I will be needed to provide all the basic GIS functionalities that appear in ArcGIS desktop like zoom, pan etc programatically. I am also required to do the Map registration on raw (tiff, dgn, dted) images. I need a suggestion as to whether i can re-use the Geo referencing Tool that we see in ArcGIS Desktop with minimal code changes or should I re-develop the entire Tool again. This doubt also applies to other GIS Tools we see in desktop like buffering, clipping etc. Can I to use the same tools in my Custom Application or do i need to redo the entire thing again ?? If there is a way to reuse the same components in my custom app.. Please Help me with an example..

Thanks in Advance,