Is it possible to execute a module if the module name is stored in a string variabel?

Discussion created by flederfauz on Jun 1, 2010
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I want to do the following. I ve the name of a module saved in an string variable l. Is there any possibility to "execute" it from there or transfer it to "normal" Code?
It s easier to understand when u look at the code i posted.

Dim n As Integer
Dim l As String
' I get some number from my attribute table
n = pFeature.Value(pFeature.Fields.FindField("Process_ID"))
  'Now i combine the number with some String 
l = "Process" & n & "." & "Process" & n
' So it will be for example l= Process1.Process1 --> this is the name of module i want to execute
' If i would enter it by hand to execute the module it would look like

Anybody an idea what is the right command for doing this?

Thanks for your help