Copy Everything Needed for a Map

Discussion created by sediger on Dec 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by sediger
I am considering an attempt to create a generic script to identify anything associated with an mxd, data frames, layers, tables, annotations, external objects, etc. and copy it to a new folder.  Would this be helpful to anyone else?  Is it possible?

1. I'm somewhat messy when creating a project and tend to download a lot of items that I don't end up using.
2. I work in environments in which data structures either have not stabilized or we're creating a one-off project that will need to get moved later.

I want a very robust utility that can start with an MXD file, cycle through it and grab source information for anything associated with the map(s) and then copy those to a folder of my request.  I've started with ESRI's MultiMXDReport and will be able to strip out the reporting features so that I can just generate a list of elements that I can grab and copy to the new folder.  The ESRI script works for  multiple mxds, their frames, layers and tables (well you have to fix one line since the ListTableViews uses mxd, table, datafram rather than the expected mxd, data frame, table format that one, even the author, expected).

Beyond these, will I have to pick up symbologies, annotation/label classes, coordinate systems, etc?  What else should I be looking for?

Is this a good idea, or will I still be trying to capture everything until they cast my ashes to the winds?