DEM interpolation using elevation data with different accuracies

Discussion created by aduranel on Dec 4, 2012
I have a number of point elevation and contour line datasets acquired within the same area using different methods (DGPS, theodolite and photogrammetry). I can work out the vertical accuracy of each method from independent tests. The low accuracy data have a higher resolution than the high accuracy data, so I would like to combine all the datasets to build a DEM. Is there a method that could account for these varying accuracies when interpolating to a grid?
I understand the "Topo to Raster" tool, which seems to be the best option when using both point elevations and contour lines, allows for a vertical standard error to be specified for all input layers as a whole, but not for each of them.
Any help welcome (even if it means supplementing ArcGIS with R for instance). Many thanks.