Rasters with different cell sizes - problem

Discussion created by tulumbabalumba on Dec 4, 2012
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Please help me with the following problem in ArcMap 10.1

I had 2 rasters each with cell of size 30 (one which contains information about the type of construction and one with the county it belongs to). I combined the two rasters in one which has links to the other 2. Now I have to calculate how many of these cells of a specific type of construction exist in a bigger cell (size = 1000). So I created a third raster with size = 1000.
I tried to combine the third raster with the combination of the first two but what I obtain is a raster with only one entry for each of the bigger raster cells. What I would need is a raster file which has an entry for each small raster cell of a specific type of construction in each county and in each big cell. Example:
Raster A: cell size = 30, types of construction: "house", "apartment","nothing", 30000 cells in the whole country
Raster B: cell size = 30, 40 counties in the country, 30000 cells divided by counties
Raster C: cell size = 1000

Result raster: cell size = 30?, type of construction="house", county X, Raster C cell index, how many cells of the type house are in this "Raster C cell index" and in this COUNTY

If you could please give me some indications (and as many details as possible:)) on how to solve this problem using ArcGIS Desktop I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!