How to automatically release extension?

Discussion created by basth on Dec 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by mmaguire_golder
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I'm trying to find a way to automatically release extensions like SA or 3D. The reason being that when I'm working with an extension (concurrent license) and don't explicitly un-tick it before closing the mxd, it will automatically grab it next time I open a mxd, i.e. it seems to be stored in the Normal.mxt. As you can imagine, this many times happens to users in our organisation without them being aware of it and as a result all licenses are in use.
I've tried to write a python Add-In to release the extensions whenever I open or close a mxd. But it doesn't work. I remember having written a VBA macro saved in the Normal.mxt which was very straight forward and worked fine every time. However, this easy method is not possible in python anymore as far as I'm aware of. If anybody has faced the same problem, but was more successful than me, I'd very much appreciate to hear about his/her solution.

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