Lot Setbacks

Discussion created by kjanssen00 on Dec 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by p.soares@eusc.europa.eu
I am trying to create an interactive model where the user can adjust the required setbacks of a lot. I want to create four attributes, front, back, left and right. After multiple trial and error attempts, I am reverting to the forum for help. This is the code I have created thinking it would get me close to my goal. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate the help.

attr left = 3
attr right = 3
attr front = 3
attr back = 3
Lot -->
case shapeType == "LotInner" :
  Lot. setback(1) { front : Lot | back : Lot | right : Lot | left : Lot}
else :
  extrude(height) comp(f) { side :  Facade | top(0):   Roof }