Extracting information from a raster that refer to points in a shape file

Discussion created by batguy on Dec 3, 2012
Hi everybody!

I am currently working on a raster file containing land cover information superimposed by a shape file that contains lots of points from animal tracking data.

I am interested in the land cover information that refer to the points in the shape file. So far I managed to export the values of the raster pixels for each single point (by "extract values to points" in "spatial analyst"). That worked well.

Now I am trying to export not only the value of the pixel that is superimposed by a point, but also the neighboring pixels. E.g. the 8 pixels that surround the actual pixel. So far, I failed to do so. I tried with buffers (Analysis -> Proximity) and then "extract by mask". But this will only include pixels that are completely covered by the buffer and the attribute table of the extract-raster will only give me the overall amount of pixels that are within the raster file. I need to know which pixels refer to what point from the shape file, as it is exported by "extract values to points".

Does anybody know if this is possible at all?

Thanks a lot in advance!!