Need help - takes hours to publish MXD containing raster data. Is there another way?

Discussion created by blakedraper_USGS on Dec 3, 2012
I have recently upgraded to the full suite of 10.1. One regular thing I do in my organization is maintain an MXD/service containing a raster dataset which is currently approximately 1.3 GB but which grows slightly every couple weeks. The rasters are compressed into a geodatabase. 

The new way of publishing services in 10.1 poses a problem  - it takes hours to publish now, due to the copying. In fact I have yet to see it finish - two attempts have crashed. The machine where I attempted it is a brand new, very powerful server.

Back in version 10.0 and prior, publishing this very same MXD was a breeze - couple clicks and there I had a service pointing to the data.

My question: is there an alternative to the 10.1 way of publishing with the copying? I can't afford to spend several hours just to publish this MXD, considering the fact that it gets updated every 2 weeks or so.

I can't seem to figure out a way to simply make the service point to the data without copying it over. As far as I understand, this copying did not occur in previous versions.

Thank you for reading and helping.