ArcGIS Case Study - HELP!!

Discussion created by nicobit on Dec 3, 2012
Hello everyone,
we got a case study to do, but unfortunately I missed the class where everything was explained.

The task is the following:
GIS Map of German Apartment Characteristics by Postal Code 2010
Generate a GIS map of average apartment characteristics for the year 2010 per postal
code using ArcGis Explorer. Discuss your results. For this to work you need to import
a shape le for the postal areas into the base map for Germany. The zip  le with this
shape le is located on the course web page under session 1 (
You need to view the ArcGis Explorer tutorial video, which has a link on the web page
for session 3, to see how you can import numerical data for the postal code areas into
ArcGis Explorer, given that you have already imported the postal code shapefile.
Generate for those variables of interest averages per postal code and display these av-
erage values in the form of layers (one layer per variable, with di erent coloring for the
size of the variables) on the GIS map. Restrict the sample to those zip_code values
greater than 60000 and less than 82000 because there are hardly any entries for postal
codes outside of this range for 2010. Generate some interesting new variables, such as
price per square meter in addition to the absolute value of the price. Leave out the
variables with ID#s 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 13, 27 - 35. The category variables unit_condition
and Bldg_condition are de ned as follows: unit condition (1-well kept; 2-like new;
3-modernized; 4-brand new; 5-unspeci ed; 6-renovated from ground up; 7-largely ren-
ovated; 8-needs renovation; 9- rst occupancy after complete renovation; 10-negotiable;
11-condemned); building condition (1-medium; 2-good; 3-unspeci ed; 4-bad).
For this project you need to have at least 3 pages of text, not counting cover page,
references, tables, and  gures. There is no need to run any regression for this project.
It is solely focused on putting real estate data into a GIS map.

..... So I downloaded the zip-file and it contains 3 files:
1.) post_pl.dbf
2.) post_pl.shp
3.) post_pl.shx

I tried to insert the shapefile in the ArcGIS Explorer (No idea which version it is, I donwloaded it from here: but it says that the coordinate system is unknown.

To be honest, I have no idea at all how to run the entire thingie here.

Could anyone of you maybe assist?
I would really appreciate it, since I am lost ... so lost!

Thank you very much in advance.

Cheers from ze German