Basic ArcGIS Server 10.1 Security questions

Discussion created by smenefee on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by robertwjones
We've installed ArcGIS 10.1 on an internal server and setup the web adaptor on a web server in our DMZ.  We're going to have a flex web app hit those services for the general public to use.  My first question is very we need any sort of security on our 10.1 services (besides them having to go through a firewall)?  We are using Active Directory for our security with myself and other analyst as Administrators for 10.1.  Is that enough or do we need to actually secure the individual services themselves (I would think not).

That leads into my other question...if we need this flex app to serve these services for the public to consume them, is there a specific security group that needs to be added as a "User" in the ArcGIS Server Security for the general public to be able to view the services through that app (an InternetUser account or something)?

I know these are pretty basic questions, but I want to make sure I understand it completely, thank you!