Project_Management transformation question

Discussion created by suzannemonette on Nov 29, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to project some data via a script but am having trouble sorting out how to put in the transformation that's needed. I should give the heads up that I'm not overly versed in python or scripting - yet! :)

So here's what I have so far (at least the parts that I think are relevant):

coord_sys = arcpy.SpatialReference(r"D:\SueMonette\Geodesy\EPSG_Prj\2961.prj")
transformation = "WGS_1984_(ITRF00)_To_NAD_1983 + NAD_1983_CSRS_to_WGS_1984_2"

# Set new output coordinate system
arcpy.Project_management(out_features, out_features_proj, coord_sys, transformation)

I got the required transformation from the project tool - after checking them out they look like what I need to do. My data is in GCS North American 1983 and I'm going to NAD 83 CSRS UTM 20N. I've tried using a semi colon instead of the plus but no luck there. I haven't been able to find anything other than "String" for how to put the transformation in. I'll keep looking for a solution but if anyone has readily available tips they'd be much appreciated!