Thanks, MikeM !!!

Discussion created by jesterjace on Nov 29, 2012
I'd like the thank MikeM for all of his support in this forum and for helping us with the myriad of issues we throw at him on a daily basis.  On dozens of occasions Mike has pointed out that ESRI is working on solutions to these issues and if you check the ArcGIS Ideas page you'll see that he's not just saying that to placate us.  Many of the suggestions in the forums are repeated on the Ideas board and I can honestly say that if you want to make a contribution to future product releases you should spend some time on there promoting the worthy ideas.  In the mean time it's up to us to be patient and help each other out.

I'm sure that many of us have benefited from Mike's timely answers and if you've checked the other forums not all of them are as active as this one.  Mike's a busy guy it seems.  So thanks for all of your hard work, Mike!