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ARCGIS for server 10.1 basic Enterprise - Feature Service

Question asked by MiraHindawi on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by MiraHindawi
Hello everybody. I was  reviewing the functionality matrix and licensing of ARCGIS 10.1 packages and noticed that the ARCGIS for server basic license now supports read-only feature services. I have a GIS web application that consumes dynamic map services hosted on my local ARCGIS server, where the application performs find tasks, query tasks, buffer tasks and several other functions using the geometry service too. These services use map documents that I originally created in ArcMap, linked to an SDE database, with customized symbology and deployed to the server using ARCGIS manager.  I am kindly asking in such scenario:
- Can the basic license support creating map documents linked to SDE database and deploying it as feature service, where all the tasks mentioned above would still work? In other words, can I use ARCGIS 10.1 basic license in the described scenario above?
- What are the limitations of using a feature service instead of dynamic map service?