Questons about feature service at ArcGIS Online

Discussion created by yanliz on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by mminami-esristaff
I am using the instruction at http://esriurl.com/funwithgis128 and got few questions needing help
1) How could I download the feature class after a while?
2) How to update my web service if I modify the feature class�?? attribute after publish?
3) How to set a default display extent? I mean, not the globe all the time.
4) How to pop up a field to contain Lat./Long. of that point? With local ArcGIS Server, it is easy, As this is cloud GIS, does user have all the controls/objects?
5)If I can find my map with my computer, but not be able to find it with smart phone, any thing wrong?
Thanks for any help.