Prepare Map package with time info layer (DIFFICULT)

Discussion created by aafgilbert01 on Nov 28, 2012
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In Python, I want to prepare a map package that will contain precipitation forecast. I have been able so far to do everything from reading ascii files and prepare map package with python. What I am missing so far is the following:

1. Be able to set the time information at the mosaic data set layer level. The only time information that seems to be exposed from python is on the data frame level which does not make sens to me. I need to set time info for many mosaic dataset layer under the dataframe. I need to set the timeinfo at the layer level. I intend to prepare a map package that contains precipitation and temperature forecast with different time frame.

2. I am not able to apply symbology to a mosaic dataset structure even if I save the mosaic dataset as a layer. This should work. If not what is the workaround.