Need strategy for serving up dynamic data as a service

Discussion created by evtguy on Nov 28, 2012
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I hope this is the appropriate forum for this-

Our organization is trying to convert an old, kludgy stream gage web app to a GIS web app using the javascript API. We're currently running ArcGIS Server version 10 but should upgrade to 10.1 at some point. We're not talking about a lot of data- only 8-12 stream gages. The data itself is stored in an Access database and we'd like the map service to have a refresh interval of 5 or 10 minutes.

The map service won't be a GIS dataset per se because I plan to construct a featureLayer on the fly like a JSON feed due to some custom symbology requirements. As such, I'll be publishing a particular table from that Access database which contains the last three days worth of values from each gage since my web map popups will create some hydrographs.

From experience, map services based on file based sources (shapefiles, etc) lock up the files which will prevent the update process outside of the GIS realm. SO- how do I publish my data for consumption by a web map that doesn't prohibit any processes outside of GIS from completing an update??