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Feature Service Symbology not as Expected

Question asked by TWSAdmin on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by simon.uyttendaele-esribelux-com-esridist
In ArcMap I add a single layer (wilderness areas in the U.S.) and symbolize all polygons with the same symbol from the ESRI Optimized style (100-year Flood Overlay).  This symbol is a diagonal hatching.  The only change I make is to the outline and hatching color, and I choose one of the colors from the ESRI Optimized style.  I then publish the map document to our organization's ArcGIS Online (AGOL) site as a feature service, allowing only the 'Query' operation under 'Feature Access'. 

When I open the 'Details' page for the resulting service and click the link found under 'Layers', the  'Drawing Info:' section specifies (see below) that a simple diagonal fill and a simple line outline are to be used in rendering the polygons and that the color of both the outline and diagonal fill is the same (a green). 

Simple Renderer:
Simple Fill Symbol:
Style: esriSFSBackwardDiagonal, Color: [92, 137, 68, 255]
Simple Line Symbol:
Style: esriSLSSolid, Color: [92, 137, 68, 255], Width: 0.4
Transparency: 0
Labeling Info: N/A[/INDENT]

When I add this feature service to a map in AGOL, however, the diagonal lines are colored black instead of green.  This is the case in IE9 and Chrome.  You can see for yourself at

1. What's happening? 
2. Can I do anything to get the symbology I intend? 
3. Is it just that AGOL supports only solid fills at this time?  If so, what are the plans for more robust symbology support?