Page Index for Data Driven Pages -  create index for user created  grid

Discussion created by Joseph_Cornellisson_DOI on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2012 by pmcatnip
I am a new to using the  data driven pages.  I am attempting to develop a map book of point locations in a number of PLSS section.  I have points in about 300 different sections in about 130 townships .  I selected the sections by point location and created a shape file of just those sections.  I used that layer to create the Index layer for the grid.  Is there a way to automatically create a page index for just these sections such as

Section  Page
1S 4E Sec 5 1
1S 4E Sec 8 2
1S 5E Sec 5 3
2S 1E Sec9 4

I see that the Grid Index Features command does this for a generated grid but can it be done for a grid that is not automatically generated?