Importing topology rule sets in Python?

Discussion created by bonfire98a on Nov 26, 2012
When creating a topology within a feature dataset in ArcCatalog, a user may import a topology rule set file if one exists, otherwise he has to add each rule manually.  Obviously, this makes rule set files very handy for large topologies with many rules. 

As of yet, I have been unable to find similar functionality in Python and/or ModelBuilder for using these saved rule sets.  The topology tools in ArcToolbox only allow me to add one rule at a time, while the whole point of being able to import and export rule sets is to prevent the user from having to regenerate the same rule set from scratch each time.  Does this functionality exist and I'm just not seeing it, or will it hopefully be included in a future release?  (I am using ArcGIS 10 and Python 2.6.5.)