ArcGIS for Server 101 SP1 Linux install

Discussion created by crtasa on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by crtasa
Im having a problem updating my current installation of 10.1 to SP1.  My site is linux based all in VM's.  My first server the upgrade to the SP went perfect as planned.  The second install on a second server the install program does not seem to find the install of ArcServer and wants to do a fresh complete install.  The second server and all subsequent servers are clones of the first server, clone being done post 10.1 install, per ESRI documentation.

Does anyone have any ideas why the install on the cloned servers isn't working correctly?  ArcGIS for Server was installed in the following dir /usr/local/arcgis/server. This is true for both my first and second (cloned) server.  When I run the SP1 install on the cloned machine that install wants to put it in /home/arcgis/server or something similar, completely missing that 10.1 is already installed...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!