Any effective way to display the list of existing ???Roles??? in the ID Store (10.1)?

Discussion created by hlzhang525 on Nov 24, 2012
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Hi, team,

For security settings, we are using the Option 3 (i.e., Users from an existing enterprise system like LDAP or Windows Domain and roles from ArcGIS Server???s built-in store).

It looks that all work fine, except for that the system does not open and display the existing ???roles??? (admin must search and then the system displays), which is not convenient. Is this way considered to be more secure?

So, without 'search', is there any effective way to open the name list of existing ???Roles??? within the ???Roles in the Identity Store??? tab under ???Security????



It looks that if choosing the Option 1 (i.e., all are from ArcGIS Server built-in ID store), the system will open the name list of existing ???roles??? to Admin, without 'search'.