Productivity Suite problem

Discussion created by rudgeg on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by mray-esriuk-esridist
Hi, this one's for users of UK data only I guess. I've got an ongoing network analysis problem which has been caused by an add in for the UK market, Productivity Suite, which unpacks OS data for use in Network Analyst.  There is not a PS forum so I thought I'd post it here. Apparently PS service pack 6 and later fixed a problem of converting ITN Urban Path data for use with ITN roads data.  Trouble is, since applying the pack, parts of the pop up screens are obscured by grey boxes and not all of the options can be selected when you are using the tool, (sloppy programming?) When you are using the OS data converter you get some options to select which content you want unpacking - topography, ITN layer, address point etc.  When you select one of these, parts of the screen are obscured.  In the case of ITN data, you can see a the check box for roads but I suspect there may be others for example for RRI and for paths.  I tick the only box I can see (roads) and the tool seems to work OK.  Then, when I move onto the next tool, the 'prepare data for network analysis' one, in the network options dialogue box the tick box for including the path network in the process is greyed out.  I suspect this is because I was unable to select paths in the OS data converter. I can build the network but paths are absent.  Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?