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fundamental understanding of publishing arcpy to server

Question asked by LANDVEST on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by jmoulds-esristaff
I'm hoping someone can she's some light on this. In nearly every example of creating a web based solution for leveraging arcpy, the current user display passes the extent and AOI, etc to the mxd as parameters. Is that always needed?

I have a ddp enabeled mxd and an arcpy script which accesses that max to submit a unique id corresponding to the index layer which updates the mxd to that desired also happens to update a dynamic table.

Why can't I just roll that script up in a gp service and add it as a tool in my flex app. All the user would supply is the desired page/ id when promoted and a per is produced...the web client wouldn't supply any other parameter. Is it just that simple, or am I missing something?