Rasterized Line Element line width

Discussion created by sercanmetu on Nov 21, 2012
by using IGlobeGraphicsElementProperties interface i made a line element rasterized but i could not achieve to give it to desired linewidth. When i change linewidth programmatically it does not influenced.I tried not to rasterize it and it worked. How can i adjust linewidth of the rasterized line element? Thanks in advance.

    CbsColor cbshbColor = base.FillColor;
                if (this.Selected)
                    cbshbColor = CbsGeometry.SelectionColor;

                IRgbColor color = new RgbColor();

                color.Red = cbshbColor.Red;
                color.Green = cbshbColor.Green;
                color.Blue = cbshbColor.Blue;
                color.Transparency = cbshbColor.Alpha;

                ((ILineSymbol)symbol).Color = color;
                ((ILineSymbol)symbol).Width = base.LineWidth;

                /*ILine3DPlacement place = symbol as ILine3DPlacement;
                place.Width = base.LineWidth * 20000;*/

                ((ILineElement)this.LineElement).Symbol = (ILineSymbol)symbol;

IGlobeGraphicsElementProperties asd2 = new GlobeGraphicsElementProperties();
                        asd2.OrientationMode = esriGlobeGraphicsOrientation.esriGlobeGraphicsOrientationLocal;

                            asd2.DrapeElement = false;
                            asd2.Rasterize = true;

                            globeLayer.SetGlobeProperties(this.Element3D, asd2);