How do I replicate this "Single line address field" geocoding service?

Discussion created by stevel on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by DSwingley-esristaff
There's a sample geocoding service from Esri at which looks like this:

Single Line Address Field:
SingleLine (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: Single Line Input, Required: false )

Candidate Fields:
Score (Type: esriFieldTypeDouble, Alias: Score)
MatchLevel (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: Match Level)
North_Lat (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: North_Lat)
South_Lat (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: South_Lat)
West_Lon (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: West_Lon)
East_Lon (Type: esriFieldTypeString, Alias: East_Lon)

Which options do I need to specify in ArcCatalog to publish a similar geocoding service from a point featureclass with a single "Name" field specifying the addresses I'm searching on?

I'm choosing > New > Address Locator and choosing the "General - Single Field" option, but my geocoding service in the REST API looks like this:

Address Fields:
SingleKey ( type: esriFieldTypeString , alias: Key , required: false , length: 100 )

Single Line Address Field:
Single Line Input ( type: esriFieldTypeString , alias: Key , required: false , length: 100 )

Candidate Fields:
Shape ( type: esriFieldTypeGeometry , alias: Shape , required: false )
Score ( type: esriFieldTypeDouble , alias: Score , required: false )
Match_addr ( type: esriFieldTypeString , alias: Match_addr , required: false , length: 120 )
Ref_ID ( type: esriFieldTypeString , alias: Ref_ID , required: false , length: 40 )
Addr_type ( type: esriFieldTypeString , alias: Addr_type , required: false , length: 20 )

This isn't behaving in the same way when I try to use a geocoding call which works against the sample Esri service.

What options should I be choosing in ArcCatalog when I create the address locator, in order to replicate the Esri version?