best way to get hoveIr and click tooltips on large point layer

Discussion created by VBAHole on Nov 19, 2012
I have multiple (~10) point layer that have the potential to contain about 1 to 5 thousand features each.
I want to provide hover tooltips and also click events.

will probably restrict the scale on these layers to reduce the amount of points visible at any one time to, maximum, say 100 at a time.

Should i use a Feature Layer? Or would dynamic cut it?
should i load all points right at startup or is there a way to do just the extent maybe?

would i do an infowindow against points in the graphic layer after a query?
or is there a way to not use client side graphics layer.
I tried a sample that used the graphics layer and it created a graphic over the marker that is already in the layer. i dont need any more graphic in that case, just the onmouseover event.

is there another more efficient way i have missed?

thanks for suggestions...