please help ArcSOC.exe does not persist on w2003 R2 and 10.0+SP3

Discussion created by SEEG on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2012 by SEEG
I've installed AGS 10.0 with SP3 on w2003 R2 SP2 The installation was successfull.

However, when I start the SOM, several ArcSOC.exe processes fire up, remain for about 20 seconds, and then disappear (when viewing Task Manager). When I go into ArcGIS Server Manager, I cannot create a new map service. When I try to create a new service, it just hangs for a couple minutes, and then I get such errors in the log files:
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:46' type='INFO3' code='4000' target='SDM.ServerDirectoryManager' thread='2404'>Container 5996 is successfully created on machine de-srv01.</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:46' type='INFO3' code='4001' target='SDM.ServerDirectoryManager' thread='2404'>Thread 3000 is successfully created on container 5996 of machine de-srv01.</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:46' type='DEBUG' code='5000' target='SDM.ServerDirectoryManager' machine='DE-SRV01' process='5996' thread='3000' elapsed='0.00000'>SDM construction completed</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:46' type='INFO3' code='4004' target='SDM.ServerDirectoryManager' machine='de-srv01' thread='2404' elapsed='0.29600'>Server Object instance is successfully created on machine de-srv01.</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:46' type='INFO1' code='3013' target='SDM.ServerDirectoryManager' thread='2404'>Configuration SDM.ServerDirectoryManager is started.</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:50' type='DEBUG' code='5000' target='Server' thread='5668'>Starter thread removed : 5668</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:51' type='WARNING' code='1036' target='Server' thread='5588'>Server has lost its connection to machine de-srv01.</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:51' type='DEBUG' code='5000' target='Server' thread='5588'>Instance rebalancing started.</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:51' type='INFO3' code='4003' target='SDM.ServerDirectoryManager' thread='5588'>Thread 3000 removed from process 5996 of machine de-srv01.</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:51' type='INFO3' code='4002' target='SDM.ServerDirectoryManager' thread='5588'>Container 5996 of machine de-srv01 is removed.</Msg>
<Msg time='2012-11-19T15:27:51' type='ERROR' code='2013' target='SDM.ServerDirectoryManager' thread='960'>Server has no associated SOC machines or all SOC machines are at capacity. Add a SOC machine or change the capacity of the available SOC machines.</Msg>

please help. it's urgent
thanks in advance