Cannot disable Primary Site Administrator after changing security to LDAP

Discussion created by vmshort on Nov 19, 2012

I have a problem printing from secured services and keep getting the message. Error 400.  esrijobfailed, unable to connect to service http://ourserver/arcgis...etc. I have checked all the permissions and I can access the rest URL, in my search for a solution I have stumbled across another problem.

ERSI suggest you disable the Primary Site Administrator account once the site is created. We could successfully do this with built in security and print by publishing a print task using the a user connection via a publisher connection.

Built in security roles:
Arcserver_Admin = Administrator
Arcserver_Publishers= Publisher

We have since changed the security to be managed via LDAP for users and roles but can no longer disable the PSA account.


I just get a message unable to find role 'ArcServer_Admin' but this role no longer exists. Is the PSA automatically added to the first administrator role you create on the site? If it is ArcServer does not move it accordingly when you change security.

I still havent solved the printing issue but clearly there is something not quite right with the security set up and that may impact on it. Has anyone had similar problems or know how to set the 'role' of the PSA account?

Thank you