Unable to connect paths to roads to model pedestrian journeys

Discussion created by rudgeg on Nov 19, 2012
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Hi I've got a network data set with roads and pedestrian footpaths paths supplied by the national mapping agency, the Ordnance Survey, which I have brought into Arc 10 for analysis.  I'm trying to derive some nearest facilities and make some walk isochrones. I've worked successfully with road networks from the same source using network analyst with no particular problems.  However I have now created a data set with pedestrain paths and roads in one network. I built the network using the normal approved add in for working with OS data (whcih has always worked fin before) and built a network that looks OK.

Just to test the network is OK I started to do some simple route solving in areas in which I know the geography. However when trying to solve a route if I have two points one located on a path and one on a road I cannot solve a route between them. Routes between locations linked by paths are fine as are locations linked by roads. I checked the connectivity properties and everything seemed to be fine.  The roads, paths and ferries (not needed in this case as I'm miles from the sea) were in separate connectivity groups but the nodes seemed to resepect the network - so path / road nodes has ticks in the boxes denoting the connectivity groups for both roads and paths.  In the interests of experimentation I edited the connectivity properties and put all of my data sources into one connectivity group and made sure that the box for the group was ticked for all of them, in the (possibly naive) hope of creating a simple flat network where everything was connected to everything else.  I rebuilt the network but got the same result.

I'm running ArcGIS 10.0 on windows 7.