Can't access DTM created with Topo2Raster on a different computer!

Discussion created by covasnianu.adrian on Nov 18, 2012

I've created a Digital Terrain Model with Topo2Raster on a computer. I need to use the DTM created on a different computer with ESRI ArcView (with no Spatial Analyst extension). For this I've used from TOC the function Create Layer Package. Next, the lpk created was copied on a usb memory stick and unpacked on a different computer. The layers (with specific symbology : colors, width, classification) are shown in TOC, but with the red marker for broken data sources. Finally, I'm using the Set Data Source button, but no effect. I'm clicking the correct source and the window appears continually.

I don't know why...
Is there a option (having no Spatial Analyst extension or acces to the 1st computer) that I can choose in order to have the DTM?

Thanks in advance!