esriDirectionUnits Constants  and their common names (where is MILS???)

Discussion created by warpengine on Nov 18, 2012
Similar to a other post I had on the forum except this one is about angular units. i want to populate a combobox with an enumeration of the angular units in esriDirectionUnits. I see how to load the enumeration but where do you get the common name like "Degrees". I don't see the equivalent of IUnitConverter.GetString. Also in the Military Analyst it defines a Mils unit and  cant find that in the esriDirectionUnits enumeration. is that definition stored somewhere else?

The only mention I could find was in this paper in Appendix B http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/proc03/p0526.pdf where it says 6400 mils = 360 degrees. In the ESRI documentation the only mention of the Mil was in the esriSRUnitType Constants where I see a esriSRUnit_Mil6400.