ArcGIS Online Webmaps with ArcGIS SDK on Android

Discussion created by base1011 on Nov 16, 2012

I'm new to ArcGIS and still do not clearly understand some things. Don't know if this is the right forum for that, too.

My task is to develope an Android App where you can add, edit and delete features on an map similar to the Android App example "GeometryEditor". I only have access to ArcGIS Online where I have added a webmap containing some feature layers. The app should use secured data as in the Android Example "Secured Feature Layer" (no public webmaps). The central question is now:

How can I view this webmap and containing features with the ArcGIS Android SDK and manipulate the position of these features?

The developement must happen with java because we have to reuse some logic also written in Java. I tried out some of the SDK examples and figured out that the SDK relies on a direct communication with map services and feature layer services. In contrast ArcGIS Online wraps a "webmap" around some instances of feature layers and a base map. I also tried to find urls to the feature layers used in my webmap to use them directly. Without success.

Did I missunderstand anything?

Thanks a lot
Sebastian Barth