Calculating Successive Relationships between Points by Distance and Date

Discussion created by andreamatranga on Nov 14, 2012
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Hi, I have the following problem, and a forum search yielded only solutions non applicable to my case.

I have a bunch of archeological sites along with their dates of initial adoption of a particular technology. I would like to trace back the spread of this technology by implementing the following algorithm.

1. Start from the point with the latest date.
2. Find the closest site with an earlier adoption date.
3. Find the distance in km between the two sites.
4. Find the difference in adoption dates.
5. Calculate implied speed of advance ( (3.) / (4.))
Move on to next point.

Computationally the simplest way of doing this would be to run the algorithm for the latest site, remove that site from the sample, run it for the next and so on, but I don-t know if this can be done within arcgis...