Checkout an Arc10 Engine license from an ASP app inside ASP.NET / IIS

Discussion created by fraserkp on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by fraserkp
Has anyone had any issues checking out an Arc 10 esriLicenseProductCodeEngine license from an ASP.NET app running in IIS? I am binding to the EngineOrDesktop Product Code but it just won't check it out.

On the same machine, I can checkout an ArcEditor license using the same codebase (a config tweak) through ASP.NET / IIS but it refuses to checkout an ArcEngine one.

Again on the same machine, I can happily checkout an ArcEngine license using a small .NET desktop application but as soon as I try the same thing on the ASP.NET app running in IIS it refuses completely. Is there anything in the IIS app pool which would affect this? It seems unlikely given that in the exact same app pool checks out an ArcEditor license just fine.

While I originally had both ArcDesktop and ArcEngine installed, even completely uninstalling Arc Desktop so there is only ArcEngine on the machine does not fix this.

I would appreciate any help.