ArcGIS.com vs Resources.arcgis.com

Discussion created by Riverside on May 27, 2010
Latest reply on May 28, 2010 by Riverside
I like the colors used on ArcGIS.com, I don't like the drab gray colors used with the Resources site :(.  The Resources site should be more upbeat, this is specific to the main page.  This is a main page to main page comparison.  I am not complaining about the individual sites.  There is more color on ArcGIS.com, it's more upbeat :D.  Now the banner on the ArcGIS.com page could show new content, public content that has been added, similar to what is mentioned below, that would be cool, and fresh.

Back to the Resources site, I don't like the Giant graphic on the main page on the Resources site, It would be nice to have dynamic generated content derived weekly from the content that is updated from the indiviual resource center sites themselves.  One week, there is a highlight from the geoprocessing team, and the next from the Map templates, and then the next from Local Government, all perhaps using maps, and/or content, some content can be a blog snippet, and the next could be a link to a new video, or new content that has been added.  The static main page is kinda boring.

To many lists of links, I am not keen to this design either, I do like that the Blog has a different color, it pulls me to that link once I see this page.  I want to go click Blog.

Search, you guys have gone search box crazy, too many search boxes :eek:, this is for Support.  I get two search boxes on the main Support page, then if I click Find Resources, I get another.  This should be streamlined.

In addition, I like the green hue from the beta forums, not the gray drab look of the new forums.  Color is important on these pages.:p