Can I just make a new Feature Sub Type ?

Discussion created by MartinHvidberg on Nov 12, 2012
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Dear all

We feel a need to save data in the NIS, for which there are no Feature Sub Type (FST) in the standard schema.

Example (EEZ):
The EEZ is a Polygon in the NIS. But we build the polygon from a Line, that is defined in our national legislation. To make sure we preserve the original data we would like to save also the EEZ Line feature in the NIS.
Esri have placed the EEZ polygon in:
"RegulatedAreasAndLimitsA (50) 'EXEZNE' Exclusive Economic Zone"
Obviously a line can not be saved in a polygon feature layer, and the other obvious option:
RegulatedAreasAndLimitsL have no FST for EEZ


Can I just invent a FSC and decide that I want to use e.g. no. 500 for it:
"RegulatedAreasAndLimitsL (500) 'EXEZNE' Exclusive Economic Zone"

If this is the way forward, could we (the Esri community) agree to always use e.g. 500-600 for 'local use', so I don't risk future conflicts?

Or, should I rather use UserDefinedFeaturesL and e.g. invent
"UserDefinedFeaturesL (2) 'EXEZNE' Exclusive Economic Zone"

Any body have any experience here? Are there any 'best practise' to be pointed out?

Best regards