IRasterCatalogLoader and building statistics

Discussion created by dbrandon on Nov 9, 2012
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I have an application that takes a set of points, builds a raster from them, and pushes them into a raster catalog.  IRasterCatalogLoader has a properties that defines whether or not statistics should be calculated during the load.  I set this to true however when I run the code the raster does not have statistics built.  The cellular values are correct, just no statistics.


IGeoDataset outRasGeoDataset = interpOp.Krige((IGeoDataset)featDesc, esriGeoAnalysisSemiVariogramEnum.esriGeoAnalysisSphericalSemiVariogram, interpOpRadius, false, ref missing);

IConversionOp rasConvert = new RasterConversionOpClass();
IRasterDataset rasDataset = rasConvert.ToRasterDataset(outRasGeoDataset, "TIFF", (IWorkspace)rasWS, m_ccLayer + ".tif");

IRasterCatalogLoader rasLoader = new RasterCatalogLoaderClass();
rasLoader.EnableBuildStatistics = true;
rasLoader.LoadDatasets("DncRasterCollection", rasDataset.CompleteName, null);

So even though the EnableBuildStatistics property is set, I am getting nothing.  This code worked when the application was built against version 9.3 but is not working for version 10.0.  Any ideas why?