Rendering Raster Catalogs and associating Time Slider Control

Discussion created by tomas1 on Nov 9, 2012
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My overall goal is to add a managed raster catalog layer to a RunTime application, associate it with time slider control, and have it properly rendered in the ArcGIS Runtime application.
I am new to the RunTime and WPF, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

By looking at examples in the Help, to this point I have:

- created a map package from the managed raster catalog
- added it as a local dynamic service layer to ArcGIS Runtime through XAML
- added a time slider to the application through XAML and assigned its binding to the map and set the Path to the local dynamic service layer mentioned above
- the application opens with the time slider present in the interface and the dyamic service layer appearing as a solid blue rectangle

from the XAML
  <esri:ArcGISLocalDynamicMapServiceLayer ID="SnowDepth2012" Path="C:\\MapPackages\\Experimental\\SnowDepth2012.mpk" />

  <esri:TimeSlider x:Name="MyTimeSlider"
                             MinimumValue="{Binding ElementName=MyMap, Path=Layers[SnowDepth2012].TimeExtent.Start, Mode=OneWay}"
                             MaximumValue="{Binding ElementName=MyMap, Path=Layers[SnowDepth2012].TimeExtent.End, Mode=OneWay}">


I am greatful for any insight regarding the following questions:

- Does ArcGIS Runtime fully support managed raster catalogs?
- Does the symbology classification from a managed raster catalog created in ArcMap find its way into the Map package in a way accessible by the Runtime?
- If properly configured, does the RunTime Time Slider control have the same functionality as the ArcMap Time Slider ?

I would appreciate any code that clarifies the Time Slider regarding:

- properly binding it to the dynamic service layer
- assiging the intervals property
- assigning classification symbology that I hope made its way from ArcMap to the map package
- if unable to access the map package symbology, any example of assigning a classification to the dynamic service layer.
- assigning any other properties to allow a more complete looking time slider