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Map layout and text element export issues

Question asked by on Nov 9, 2012
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Hi All,
Everywhere I work there is a requirement to save a "map number" (a unique ID used to recall if client asks for copy) and also a link to the mxd file. I have an Access 2007 database I use for storing the information and do the update of information by "copy & paste".

I can use python (arcpy.mapping.listelements) to get an element value and "outfile" it to a textfile and I can also get it to put the fieldname for the CURRENT mxd on the textfile.

My question is: Is there any current way of getting the mxd location, date & user and updating it to an Excel table or database and then returning the number of the new row number and placing it in a text element box on the map - preferably when the map is exported?

This should be possible.....I just can't get the interaction!

Many thanks :)