kmz to layer failure

Discussion created by northswejohan on Nov 8, 2012
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I'm trying to import a kmz file to arcmap, I can see this file in google earth as a seeflormap that is placed over the lake it is associated with. When I try to convert it in arcgis 10.0 with the kmz to layer tool I get the 00401 error (no features found for processing) and when i try online it says the the file holds no data..

The file holds data(138kb), I would not be able to see it in google earth and arcglobe if not.

The thing is that i like to open this file with arcgis 9.3 at work but this seems difficult. I have tried all different geoprocessing tools for this.

Anyone that can help?

A friend of my managed to open the file with arcgis 10.1 with the kmz to layer tool today, how is that possible?