.Net consume web service to add a point on map programatically (10.1)

Discussion created by kshahzad on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2012 by ciava.at
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use Feature Service (Json/SOAP whichever work) to add a point on map. Scenario is, I have a .Net form where citizens come and submit their request. It has a map on it where they can see their address. Once they map it, I get necessary data to place a point on map. It was working fine in previous version but this version (10.1) requires to use web service instead of local DCOM. Now my problem is I don't know which method to use, what parameters to pass to the web service. I do see "LayerOrTable ID", "DataObjects,GdbVersion","RollbackonFailure", but what value I will be passing to DataObjects etc? So far I couldn't find any working example for my problem for this version.

Any help will be highly appreciated.