Password Protect Python Addin

Discussion created by johnmdye on Nov 7, 2012
Does anyone know of a way to password protect a .esriaddin file so that the user can only install the file if they know the password?

Here's my situation:

I have several user groups, each of which have varying roles within the GIS. They all use custom tools and datasets which I build for them and access those tools from a network share which is loaded into their Addin Folder List. I do not want all of my users to have
access to the same tools however, because I am concerned some may decide to experiment with other tools and end up doing real
damage to the datasets.

  • I suppose I could use different folders for different user groups, but all a user would need to do is figure out that there are other

  • folders and add them to their own Addin Folder List in order to gain access.

  • I could implement folder permissions to allow certain users access to their respective user group folder, but don't want to go through the IT Process for that.

  • I could also use different signatures for each user group, but then a user just needs to alter their security level to least secure.

I think a password that must be entered to install the addin is the best scenario but don't know how to go about integrating that into
the script.