can i make a popup for a tiled map service made from categorized grid data?

Discussion created by chenriksen-esristaff Employee on Nov 6, 2012
I have a grid data set of categorized landcover.
In Arcmap, I can click the 'i' tool, then click on the grid data and get a window that tells me about the grid, including a field called CLASS_NAME with values like 'Tropical or sub-tropical shrubland'.
I have successfully created a tiled map service from this raster data, and it uses the same color scheme as in ArcMap.
Also, a legend is created that has a lot of stray categories. Here is a web map made from this data:

I was given this data so I dont know why the legend has so many extraneous values --- I guess the many black and grey unlabeled categories are trash pixels? I opened the attribute table in ArcMap and all it shows is 12 categories.

For my purposes, I just hid the legend (cowards way out...;)

I would like to enable popups so that I can click on the map and have the CLASS_NAME displayed. I read the ArcGIS Online doc. It states that a feature service can be made in tandem with a map service of vector data. then, I presume there is a method to show the map service, and query the feature service.

I would like to do this with categorized raster data. Is this possible? I notice the Contents ToC pane in the web map does not offer configuration options for symbology or popups.